Hi, there! Young lady who’s writing on the subway walls, are you going to meet your friends down at the Mall? You’re just the youngster, you’re not too young to fall. You, young lady who’s writing, you look really fine, you, with your little body looking up at mine, I know that you think about me all the time, you write with your spraypaint millions of initials just like I., L.Y., S.W.A.K. You are so attractive, you, you’re dreaming about the cute guy in Take That, you, you’re just tryin’ out your first Lady Gillette, and doing an intrip with the hand-held shower. And all of a sudden, the chorus: I., L.Y., S.W.A.K. by E.L.I.O. Ooh, I., L.Y., S.W.A.K.: we, (?) Ehy, you know, I dig you more and more, and I think I’m really lovin’ you. But you know the way the story go, after the loving becomes so boring, and then we will get divorce, too, and the children will be unhappy... No. I’ll never give up the cute guy in Take That Who – don’t say it - is missing just one hole - you can’t - in his backside - it’s not true and you know it - and he is such a cute and cuddly fellow, and off we’ll go to live in England. I., L.Y., S.W.A.K by E.L.I.O. Ooh, I., L.Y., S.W.A.K.: we, we take out a can of spraypaint, except that these tons of solvent, we like Earth, Wind & Fire. Look at how the spraypaint dries so slowly - it dries so slowly -, Watch me as I ride my big, big pony, while we wait we eat these pepperoni - these pepperoni did you try the cheese and maccheroni? Ooh, I., L.Y., S.W.A.K.: we, we take out a can of spraypaint.